Art Jamming Singapore  Workshop Sessions


Not everyone can sketch the perfect portrait or mix the colours in the perfect shade. But that does not mean that they lack creative ability. Art has always been perspective. One may find a perfectly sketched portrait as their definition of art, but it can be different for you. A lot of the times, artists have felt uncomfortable sharing their art. They do not do it due to the fear of getting judged. However, there is a place where you express yourself through colours and different mediums. It is called Art Jamming Singapore workshops.

What are the different sessions available in these workshops?

The Art Jamming workshops have two different sessions each one comes with various perks:

  1. Public session- For this public session, there are many dates and time slots. Once you book a spot, you will receive instant confirmation. This session is self-guided where you can meet a different kind of people who enjoys art. The session has two packages, the Individual Tote Bag and Canvas Art Jamming packages. These packages are suitable for various consumers, small department, couples and group of friends.
  2. Private session- This is a very private event, exclusively hosted for you. Therefore, the date and time slot is very flexible. Even if it is a private event, you can enjoy the guidance of professionals. The packages included in this session is more in number. You can choose from Group or Individual Tote Bag and Canvas Art Jamming. You can also try out Virtual Canvas Art Jamming. These sessions are suitable for corporates, government organisation, schools and large gathering.

Depending on your group or if you want to try it out alone, you can pick the session. Each session charges a different price which will depend on the package and the slot you will be picking.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana