Benefits and Weaknesses of Technology


In the ongoing time individuals can’t envision their existence without technology. Encompassing us different technologies are assisting individuals with carrying on with their existence with more extravagance. The technology area has changed and created numerous items. The technology is giving many benefits yet in addition it has a few burdens. Here we will examine about both –


There are a few benefits of technology like

More straightforward life – With technological machine individuals are finding support in each area. Vehicles and bicycles are assisting individuals with coming to anyplace rapidly. Plane and superfast trains have been diminished distance among urban areas and nations. PC and web are giving data in easiest manner additionally it has changed method of correspondence. Presently individuals are doing video conferencing and visiting to speak with their loved ones utilized correspondence technology.

Lesser Missteps – Machines are assisting individuals with committing lesser errors. Robots or machines are working precisely and you simply have to program them with legitimate data. Like underway of any auto the vast majority of assembling organizations are utilizing programmed machines which adhere to guidance of PC or that individual who is working the machine. And all work finishes impeccably.

Save Time – Technologies are saving our time, for a model you can flew anyplace on the planet in lesser time. With PC you can accomplish any work in lesser time and likewise it help to upgrade quality and give ideas. Machines are helping individuals in kitchen as well – like Stove and these are additionally saving time.


Each one realizes that technology is extremely useful however it has a few hindrances as well. Since many organizations have embraced programmed machines so they can work on their creation with precision. Therefore many individuals lost their employment.

Correspondingly house servants are losing their employment on the grounds that automated machines are taking care of their business. Proprietor need to pay one time just while house cleaner get compensated for each month.

Anyway machines and robots look reasonable and great to utilize however, when any technical issue happens in machine or robot, it required a lot of investment to fix it and likewise it tends to be costly.

As we observed that in technology area, there are many benefits and drawbacks, and still, at the end of the day individuals can’t envision their existence without technology including me.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana