Better alternative: no personal guarantee business loans


Loans guaranteed personally occur when business owners have their personal finances related to their business. They may also find that this is the only loan available.

One must evaluate the risk before getting this because it can really affect the business in the long run.

The main risk is when the borrower fails to pay and lenders can pursue their personal assets. Depending on the type of loan, it is possible that this lender can even confiscate the borrower’s house or sell their investment.

Personal guarantees in loans can create a big impact not only for assets but also for someone’s family. The possibility of losing their homes is not a good thing to consider. Some loans will need a partner guarantee. Therefore, the assets that are solely in the name of the pair will be affected as well. Borrowers may be tempted to transfer assets to their partners.

This is also a problem if his partner who personally guarantees business loans cannot make payments. Banks can demand all balances from the main applicant. This applies to the provisions of the ‘joints and some contract’.

Over time, business owners are not recommended to have a personal guarantee business loan as an option. After they build credit for their business and collect assets for collateral, they can stop guaranteeing loans.

Which brings us to alternative business loans that are better for no personal guarantees. This is a type of loan that is usually searched by small business owners. This is the ideal choice because it allows them to separate their personal finances from business risk. This prevents them from risking their personal assets and credit, if something bad happens to business.

Most of the time, the bank only requires personal guarantees because they want to ensure business owners will have sufficient collateral to secure a loan. As a result, business owners have difficulty getting access to cash. No PG business loans for small business owners are rarely available and may also be quite difficult to achieve because of several requirements such as tax refunds, minimum credit scores, business plans and this makes the borrower spend valuable time at the location.

With loan guidelines enhanced by banks, business owners need access to working capital to grow their business. Options like no personal guarantees for business loans can help business owners along the way.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana