Community Manager: Do You Know What You Are And What You Do?


We can say that a community manager is, in its translation, a manager of communities and social networks at allegro media design. The professional who works in this area is responsible for developing a community around the brand, creating and managing an environment where people can connect and feel part of a whole.

Not only will he take care of that brand in the online world, but he will also create and nurture relationships with customers, followers, and stakeholders.

What Is And What Makes A Community Manager?

This type of professional needs to have sensitivity and analytical skills to notice the opportunities in social media. He needs to understand what followers want and demand and turn that information into practical actions to strengthen the brand.

Thus, the community manager must be in tune and have enough creativity to propose innovative solutions and connect with people. His work is of great strategic importance for companies looking for a solid digital presence and attracting customers on the internet.

The Functions Of A Community Manager

  • content creation for websites, social networks, blogs, newsletters, releases, etc.;
  • strategic definition of content: what are the best times for publications, scheduling, post frequency, and types of content;
  • analysis of target audience and prospects;
  • definition of marketing strategies on social media, creating, performing, and monitoring;
  • monitoring of publications – see the most critical metrics for Facebook and metrics Instagram;
  • competitor analysis and monitoring of posts and news from around the world. This is ideal for, for example, getting up to speed on viral on the internet, like memes, etc.;
  • plan events;
  • build and maintain a relationship with followers;
  • manage crises online.

The Importance Of The Community Manager

Thanks to the importance of social media for structuring a digital strategy, the Community Manager has an essential role in developing processes on the internet. In addition to structuring the content, the Community Manager will be in charge of the entire social media management process.

He will be responsible for creating processes that ensure the proper communication of the brand with the public in different channels, with a focus on generating credibility, conversions, new customers, and, consequently, brand promoters.

In addition, it will need to manage crises, manage comments on social media and analyze the sentiment of all mentions of the brand. These analytics should be presented in marketing and business reports and insights.

Professional Profile: The Skills Of Being A Community Manager

Now that you understand what a community manager is and what it does, it’s time to get to know some essential characteristics of this professional’s profile:

  • facility to manage parallel projects;
  • empathy;
  • creativity;
  • be thorough;
  • analytical profile;
  • critical profile for building solid and trustworthy relationships;
  • have good interpersonal communication;
  • curiosity;
  • desire to learn;
  • connected to trends and news from the world and the market;
  • be flexible in dealing with different situations;
  • good written communication;
  • organization and proactivity;

Technical Knowledge The Community Manager Needs

Obviously, in addition to the profile features, the Community Manager needs a series of technical knowledge involving digital marketing concepts and tools. Are they:

  • Social Ads Tools
  • Graphic tools like Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Social media monitoring and management tools
  • Project management tools
  • Office package, etc.

Knowledge in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO are differentials that increase the capacity of this professional at allegro media design.

Zayd Dana
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