Executive Training for School Leaders is a Win-Win strategy


Training quickly became one of the most widely used management tools to help executives develop leadership skills and become successful. Executive training for school leaders may be one of the most valuable investments that school can do. The principal faces a big challenge and a very complex problem. But usually they don’t have a professional with whom to discuss with the confidence of the problems they face. Professional coaches can be that person and help leaders determine the best solutions for complex problems, develop overall leadership skills and provide strong school leadership for years.

School leadership is very demanding, challenging and political. This is a high-profile position that requires leaders to manage complex organizations, many constituencies, sensitive political situations, changing markets and more. The school community is full of competing demands and school leaders are expected to meet these demands. Dealing with the increasing complexity of the running school requires leadership that is empty and strong support for the principal.

Unfortunately, most private schools do not invest adequately at their chief executive. Most of it – around 80% – fired and the tenure average of only four to five years in the helmet. Of course, the farewell way is usually framed as resignation with a lot of time to make a smooth leadership transition. Whatever, there are changes in leadership and change it is usually very expensive for schools. Investing adequately in school figures is one of the most valuable investment schools that can be made.

Executive training can help the principal increase leadership and help school develop and keep strong leaders, thus improving school health as a whole. Most school leaders are very capable people. But even very capable leaders need help. The help they need is likely to be the type that will help them find out for yourself. Suggestions can certainly help, but come from the perspective of advice and can actually make the search for school leaders for the right solution. The needs of school leaders to balance competing demands placing them in a unique position that cannot be understood by the provider. Coach without agenda other than to help school leaders develop leadership skills and solve problems is in the best position to help. A coach helps by listening, asking questions, giving feedback and giving encouragement. Training develops school leaders in their school context and challenges related to leading certain schools while they are still present to take care of daily responsibilities. Executive training for school leaders is a Win-win strategy for leaders and schools.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana