Food and Drink is a Fundamental Need For Man


Food and drink are the fundamental fixings to life and the endurance of an individual. There are three essential components on the planet, which is free and bountiful for the utilization of man. They are wind, water and wheat, wind and water is normal assets where as we produce wheat as indicated by our necessities and prerequisites. We take breakfast toward the beginning of the day with egg, tea, and so on we take lunch around early afternoon with biscuit, chicken, lamb, meat and so forth. we additionally use salad with egg. We take supper with same enhancements at night. Dinner is the last feast of the day preceding nodding off. We spend half of our lives in resting as well as in eating. We ought to eat and drink just to live on the planet and it is popular axiom:

“Never eat all the more then you lift”

We arranged new dishes and squeezes and appreciate eating and drinking day to day. God has favored such countless things for man on the planet. We can’t say thanks to God all-powerful and we don’t feel exhausted in light of the fact that we can transform them everyday as per our taste and demand. Food and drink give us energy with the goal that we could work and keep us dynamic. Each living thing eats and drink and it is regular interaction. Tummy is the fundamental organ of person, which keeps us continuing on earth for helpful exercises on the planet.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana