Health & Fitness Program Ideas


Health and health services and services are designed to encourage healthy lifestyle behavior in your employees and reduce your health care expenses. The focus is to prevent disease and injury, promote health and productivity, and reduce the total cost of health care. Health & health programs that success benefit employers by developing and maintaining more healthy and more productive labor and communities. This benefits employees by improving their health both physically and emotionally.

Health and Welfare Programs are intended to improve and promote health and fitness which are usually offered through workplaces, although insurance plans can offer them directly to their registrants. This program allows your employer or plan to offer premium discounts, cash prizes, gym membership, and many other types of incentives to participate. Some examples of health programs include programs to help you stop smoking, diabetes management programs, weight loss programs, and preventive health screenings. Some employers offer discounts on your health insurance premiums if you meet certain requirements. Ex. Walking in a number of steps, exercising a few certain days, fulfilling body weight guidelines, stop smoking.

Company costs healthy employees. Research has shown that employees who participate in programs tend to leave and look for other jobs. No employees, savings about health care costs, greater productivity, higher moral, and employee pride are just a few of the benefits of health promotion & health programs.

Johnson & Johnson began a program in 1995. Since then employees who smoke have dropped more than two thirds. Numbers that have high blood pressure or those who settle down more than half. Well, it turns out that the investment is comprehensive and strategically designed in social, mental and physical health employees pay off. Johnson & Johnson estimates that their health program has saved $ 250 million for health care costs over the past decade; From 2002 to 2008, the return was $ 2.71 for each dollar spent. I wasn’t too great in math but even I realized that it was a lot of money.

In the health program which is then seen as a pleasant excitement, not a must. Time has changed and evidence shows that they succeed both for employees and in bank accounts. With tax incentives and grants available in the current federal health care law, companies can use health programs to reduce their enormous health care costs and provide more healthier employees. This victory wins.

Every company or organization must have experts who develop and implement a clear and comprehensive health program. The program is created to reduce health risk, improve quality of life, improve personal effectiveness, and benefit the underline of the organization. You can’t just apply a program that must be a life company. Health & Health Program is always ongoing work. I have read that Virgin Mobile has a meeting without a seat. Of course, you need to make a short meeting and to the point. Encourage the use of stairs if you have it.

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