How Bar Code Scanner Technology has made a difference


The use of barcode technology has revolutionized the inventory control process. Bar codes are used virtually everywhere to keep track of product information and inventory levels. These days are even used to add products to gift registers. Nobody gives a second thought more to the use of bar codes technology.

They are so common that bar codes and scanners rarely get a second thought as to how they work. It is rare that it is reflected in the way the sliding elements of the cash scanner suddenly allow it to record a price and name identical to the label. We simply take barcode scanners and barcode readers for granted.

So, how exactly does a barcode scanner work? To enter how barcode technology works, we must first understand how bar codes are generated and how they work to identify the products. The barcode contains information about the element that has been “barcode”. This information is coded using a special type bar code type. The barcode scanner then translates the language of the bar codes into information that humans can understand and decrypt.

The language of the barcode is actually quite simple. All barcodes contain specific symbols equal to a series of bars. These bars consist of short and long bars, as well as varied spaces between the bars. Each part of the series indicates a number of characters, depending on the date originally entered in the barcode software.

In other words, the barcode software is the starting point for all barcode bar codes and barcode scanning systems. This is what makes the system work. The programmer can use barcode software to store its products by entering the product name and assigning it a barcode generated by the computer. All this is accomplished using a sophisticated database system where the data of each product are stored. This keeps a trace of the easy inventory and also helps speed up the pricing update. The new product information came into the database. Then, whenever the barcode scanner reads a barcode identifying a specific product, it is connected directly to the database where it finds the most recent product information.

The barcode scanner itself uses the “bed” technology the barcode label. This does this with photo sensors located in the barcode scanner that have the ability to read and decipher each barcode because it is scanned. All these photo sensors work together to recognize the spacing, length and alignment of different bars, and then correspond to the corresponding product information found in the database. This ingenious technology is really easy when you understand how it works.

Barcode scanning technology has made a huge difference in offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, government facilities – wherever it is necessary to keep track of inventoried items. Of course, the most visible place where this technology made a big difference is at the payment line of your neighborhood variety or grocery store. The next time you are there in one of these lines, think about how bar code technology prevents you from getting out of the door that much faster.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana