How does software technology have advantages over hardware?


Reliability is the most important quality of the soft switch. Advanced architecture ensures that the possibility of system failure is only ignored. Read on to get a handle on a soft switch, technology behind Voice through an Internet or VoIP protocol.

Soft switches are software used to manage IP traffic that contains audio and video mixes. This technology bridges traditional PSTN and VoIP by connecting PSTN to IP networks. While conventional switching center technology is hardware based, it is a software-based switching platform.

The soft switch is based on the session initiation protocol (SIP), which ensures error-free communication to allow ITSP to offer a PC to the phone, PC to PC, IP phone to telephone and IP services to the phone. VoIP billing software is attached to this switch, spreading modular and sophisticated software architecture. This technology is quite flexible to customize new or existing service providers.

Usually, soft switch software supports features such as IVR customization, ID number & card number, SIP / IAX2 friend authentication, record all calls, free VoIP calls between application users, simultaneous or single access at zero -Gross & negative costs, options Automatic creation card for new caller IDs, Top-up accounts through IVR menus, advanced cards and customer management, set post-pay / prepaid, statistical reporting and LCR (LCD LEAST ROUTING) & LCD (the cheapest) Call) management.

Additional features include support for online stores, multi-language support, resource play with multi-currency support, automatic refill cards with automatic refill options, registration modules, email activation to verify customer email addresses, template customization, ACL (Access Control ) Support for admin users, export data into XML or CSV, ticket system, etc.

Class operator software solutions provide call control, translation, routing, and supply elements for network elements ranging from gateways and gateweepers to H.323 and SIP endpoints. The solution can be scaled to control millions of ports. Soft switches can function independently or function with other soft switches to provide expanded capacity.

This switch work is to control the connection between network circuit and package. To achieve the goal, one device that contains switching logic and switching cloth can be deployed. Modern technology separates the device to the calling agent and media gateway. While the call agent allows functions such as bills, call routing, signaling, call services and so on, the media gateway connects various types of digital media flow together to create end-to-end paths for sound media and data. Call agents can control different media gateways in geographically scattered areas through the TCP / IP Connect system.

The soft switch technology has different advantages over hardware. It has a higher scalability, only handles the control section of the server while storing the remaining switches for other purposes. Their independent platforms, are able to serve well in the computer server environment. Easy installation, they can be extended by adding controlling connections to the management of soft switch IP, easily and professionally with adequate training can handle it.

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