How does the outsourcing of business processes improves productivity


The ability to reduce waste and the rationalization of business processes will enable the companies of the thought in force as an economy rebuilt. Whether it is a large company or a small to medium-sized enterprise, outsourcing operational processes (BPOs) of critical functions in intensive areas of documents such as accounts payable, human resources or Customer service can quickly improve productivity and reduce costs. Companies of all sizes are dedicated to focusing on their main activity and not on their business processes with a confident BPO partner whose expertise is as follows:

Document scanning services
Services of the mailroom
Automation of the workflow
Document Management Systems
Look for a BPO partner to perform tasks that are productivity bottlenecks at your organization. These Logjams can distract the company’s goals of your company while requiring a disproportionate percentage of internal resources. This is the same reason the outsourcing of the business processes provides a rapid return on investment and can help strengthen the position of the competitiveness of your business.

Work with a BPO provider

Identify yourself using your BPO partner, the essential business process of documents draining your productivity. Typical of most companies, credit processes payable tend to be inefficient, expensive and time consumers. Specifically; OPENING AND DISTRIBUTION OF MAIL, ROUTING INVOICES FOR APPROVAL, INVOICE PROCESSING, DEPOSITION OF INVOICES Treated, the recovery of documents and the upper audit preparation of the list.

The right BPO partner will offer and implement solutions that can:

Invoice processing charges lower than 91%
Shorten processing times by 46%
Train 12% less late payments
Requires 30% less time to respond to inquiries.
Here is an example of how outsourcing accounting processes to a document management specialist can help businesses achieve these goals.

Provide messaging room services to include all invoices sent to their installation, where it is open, sorted, scanned, indexed and numerically forwarded to the appropriate client staff using the workflow automation. Scanned images are downloaded simultaneously on an off-site, secure and web document management system for storage and recovery capabilities of 24×7.

Implementing workflow automation to streamline AP business processes by distributing and automatically switching from digitized invoices, information or tasks from one participant to another for action based on existing trade rules. The documents are easily entered into workflow management software via scan, import or creating an electronic form that eliminates an automated process of routing, approval and tracking.

Create electronic forms to replace purchase documents, allowing staff to access, supplement and sign online purchase orders and automatically route them on appropriate domestic departments and providers. This solution avoids not only the paper forms and the storage space they need, it improves productivity in the account department payable and integrates perfectly with the automated workflow for invoice approval. The completed electronic forms are also downloaded from the off-site document management system for storage and recovery.

Implement an electronic content management solution built into the financial software application of a company, such as Oracle Peoplesoft, Intuit QuickBooks or SAP Business Suite. This allows users and auditors to access the documents related to an invoice directly from the business application software.

Provide scanning documents and automated indexing existing files in the off-site, secure and web document management system to eliminate the need for additional file storage space and a free current storage space for The expansion of the offices.

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