How to effectively use business cards to a knowledge network your small business


I admit that I am guilty of collecting many business cards and I do not know how to exploit the expertise and experience of people I just met. It seems that the networking act of small businesses often boils down to the exchange of business cards. And that’s where it starts and ends, collecting card, not building business via networking.

What’s going on on the map?

If you collect business cards in order to send an email to someone, giving them a call, send a text or make social networks is your goal, then all you are looking for is information from contact. This can be technically qualified as networking small businesses, but it is not a “knowledge network”.

For more business on the current market, it takes more than gathering cards and contact. It takes the connection. So, what you are looking for is more than information to insert in your contact management system. You are looking to learn something about the company and its expertise and experience. Use the business card as a resource to search that you will need an effective network with the person you just met.

Who needs the card?

Well, you may be able to solve a problem that you encounter in your own small business. Chances are you exchanged business cards in the hope that the person who gives you the card needs your product or your services in their business right now!

All in due time, but it can better serve you to learn enough to learn about the company that you now have a card so that you can transmit it to another owner of a small business that, in fact, has A problem they want to solve right now. The exchange of business cards to an event is the ideal starting point for building your own reference network.

Where is the map?

The first challenge of an active commercial network is the location. Yes, where do you put the card so that it does not end up in this stack of cards that you have collected and you have never contacted and, certainly never passed to someone else who could benefit to solve a problem they have.

As fast as possible, you need to get the basic information and how it can help another small business in front of others. This makes the information available to yourself and others. There is no reason to search for fast research and feel comfortable viewing the main information to the appropriate social media network. By getting the business card, I do not want to say the e-mail address and the cell phone number, playing everyone wins. Simply provide a quick comment on the person or business and the industry they provide expertise and experience in.

Resolute card problem

The biggest problem that many of us have with small businesses do not do something with the business card we have collected and winning no new business as a result of the networking of the business card that we have done.

The solution is in the networking of the company’s expertise and the experience embodied in the business card that we have collected by transmitting it to others. In doing so, you eliminate guilt to add a card more to the stack of our office without doing something with it.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana