How To Improve Conversion Rates and Increase Sales on Shopify


If you want to improve conversion rates, you need to increase sales on Shopify. That is the simple reality of e-commerce. Conversion rates need to be kept at a higher percentage so that you stand a greater chance of making constant sales. Unfortunately, the competition on Shopify is fierce and you need to do what you can to keep customers interested. There is, of course, no secret to becoming an overnight success; it takes time to establish yourself on Shopify. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your Shopify sales which ultimately increase conversion rates. So, how can you improve your sales?

Highlight the Benefits to the Customer

Let’s be honest, people buy products if they think they need it or because it serves a purpose. For instance, you have dry hands and want to buy hand cream. You would likely choose a cream that solved the problem. So, your Shopify products must reflect such things. You need to highlight the benefits of your products. While you might think it’s easier to copy and paste from the manufacturer, it mightn’t highlight the benefits, such as ‘100% cruelty-free’ or ‘made from organic ingredients.’ If the product is great for dry hands, say so. This will help to increase sales on Shopify and boost conversion rates too.

Personalization Is What Helps Increase Sales on Shopify

Customers want to feel special. They want you to offer them products that are exclusively picked for them. So, you need to anticipate their needs because that increases sales and improves conversion rates. Use data science to personalize the shopping experience for each customer. You could divide the data so that you use the customers’ browsing history against them. This increase sales on Shopify and ensures your conversation rates get a boost at the same time.

Use Add-Ons

While you should up and cross sell to improve conversion rates, you also must get the balance right. Overloading the consumer with too many distractions is likely to end in no sale. For example, you’re searching for a box of chocolates. When you click onto a product, you’re instantly got another twelve appearing along the bottom of the page. That might distract you from the initial purchase and after so long, you might forget what you were buying. This could result in zero sales. So, while it’s important to cross sell, you need to do so wisely. If you want to increase sales on Shopify, use add-ons.

For instance, on the product page, you could say this product would go well with one or two other products. This gives customers the option to add-on a product. Many customers will and that increases sales. Add-ons are crucial to increase sales on Shopify and ensure conversion rates go up too.

Optimize Your Checkout Process

If you want to increase sales on Shopify and ensure your conversion rates go up, you should optimize your checkout. There are lots of ways to do that; for instance, one-click buying or one-click checkout methods. Of course, this is geared towards those with an account and regular users; however, it’s still worth considering. Simplifying the process can ensure you get customers to stick with you. If your checkout process is lengthy, add a progress bar so that customers know how far they are to completing. You could even stretch to a guest checkout too for those in a hurry.

Price Reductions and One-Time Offers

If your costs are too high, people will look elsewhere. This includes products and the cost of handling and shipping. You may want to consider having flash sales and limited price reduction periods to generate more interest and sales. This is a great way to increase sales on Shopify and up conversation rates. You’ll have people who don’t want to miss out on a bargain. You could even do this for shipping costs. If you can, offer a free deliver option, even if it’s only when customers spend over a specific amount. It might help increase your sales drive.

Improve Your Conversion Rates Easily

While it can take time to boost conversion rates, there are lots of little things you can do to improve them. Of course, the more sales you make, the more your conversion rate will increase. You need to, however, offer customers something they need and want. Bring them a personalized shopping experience, create valuable content, and offer one-day deals to entice more customers. If you can increase sales on Shopify, you’ll see your conversion rate soaring.

Zayd Dana
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