It’s Safer To work with Biometric Technology


Alluding to security problems, there are several security concepts for that handling of security which should be satisfied. Several points to consider, referred to as triangular from the CIA, include confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Regrettably, within the discussion of security, people frequently forget that the idea of security calls for several components, namely: Mathematics, man, and also the management.

Security using the password with this the years have many weaknesses. The very first weakness is it has only the verification function. Meanwhile, the 2nd weakness is always that lots of people just use one password for everything, varying from e-mail, using atm cards, up to and including membership of subscriber list.

To beat the weaknesses of using passwords, biometric technologies are developed. It’s a security way in which uses parts of the body like fingerprints, the geometry of hands, retina (eyes), voice and face like a password substitute.

Biometric technologies are developed since it can fulfill two functions, namely identification and verification. Additionally, it cannot be lost, cannot be forgotten and never easily be falsified because its existence is natural in human. Also, fraxel treatments won’t be exactly the same, so its uniqueness could be more guaranteed.

The idea of fraxel treatments using fingerprint continues to be initiated since 1901 by E. Henry. This technique concentrates on fingers and toes.

But, this time around, the most recent biometric technology by utilizing face, namely Face Recognition Technology (Face Recognition Technology), continues to be developed. This technique can offer better security since it is not easily imitated or lost. You are able to that it is existence is natural in your body areas of human, therefore it can’t be altered except due to injuries or any other occurrences that induce the face area damage.

Using the lists of reasons above, this technique has already been broadly employed for personal needs, offices, companies, schools, hospitals, and government. This technique is shown to have high security level. It’s also simple to use.

Zayd Dana
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