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Are you running a successful website already?

I am sure you know success also comes with a lot of many obstacles. One could be your hosting server.

Whether you are using a shared server or a VPS server, switching to a higher server is the need of the hour. If your website is already hit and receives good traffic, you must be using a VPS server. But, as you keep receiving heavy traffic, the server may not be able to take the load.

For the management of heavy traffic, a cheapest dedicated server is a perfect deal.

Growth has to be constant and consistent. If you lack resources, space and privacy, there’s no chance of future growth. In fact, your website may even start landing into certain security and privacy risks, leading to a loss in traffic.

It happens many times that your websites load slower than other websites. That is because you receive good traffic. But, your visitors can also refrain from browsing the website because the website loads slow. Isn’t it better to switch immediately to faster hosting and keep growing?

A dedicated server is the best way to grow on a large scale.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a hosting service that lets users own the whole server. Whereas, VPS server doesn’t let you have that power.

The dedicated server is entirely in your control. It is like an entire ice cream box meant for you, where you don’t share even a bit of it.

It comes with extraordinary specifications and helps you host on a great level.

The reason why most businesses switch to a dedicated server is generally for performance and security purposes. There are few risks of threats. While in a dedicated server, it is all safe and secured.

MilesWeb Dedicated Server

MilesWeb is the best web hosting in Australia and all over the world. They provide hosting services like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated and Cloud hosting , and VPS.

You can also get additional services like Domain and SSL certificates.

The company is comparatively cheaper than other web hosting providers. You will find several features that MilesWeb offers and other providers don’t.

A dedicated server is their best selling product and is loved by thousands of users.

You get more than 10dedicated hosting plans with expandable features. All plans consist of a good amount of memory, storage, bandwidth and one dedicated IP address.

If you are missing quality services, then you must try MilesWeb. You will not regret your decision.

Features that MilesWeb offers with Dedicated Hosting Plans –

Bare Metal Server – The Bare Metal server allows you the entire control over the server. The server is dedicated to a single user. You will have access to the physical machine and all hardware resources.

MilesWeb dedicated server gives you a completely isolated environment.

SSH Root Access – With MilesWeb dedicated servers enjoy full configuration and customization control. MilesWeb gives its users SSH root access so you can manage and monitor your server with ease.

Reliability – Reliability is hard to find nowadays. MilesWeb is highly reliable in its services. You can rely on them for quality hosting solutions.

Privacy – As you don’t share the dedicated server with other users, you are in a private environment. You are isolated from others and, that maintains high privacy and security.

MilesWeb offers an SSL certificate with all web hosting plans.

Your website is secured with HTTPS. You need not worry about security threats or malicious activities. There are fewer to zero chances of hacking on your website.

Guaranteed Performance – Your website will run smoothly and will have high speed. The loading time will be faster than before. You can expect an enhancement both in traffic and performance.

Flexibility – A dedicated server enables more flexibility. You can utilize your resources as per your needs. Customizations are in your hands. You can customize, manage and look after the server as you prefer.

24/7 Customer Support – MilesWeb provides 24/7 human support. You can take assistance via chat or email, and they will respond on a priority basis.

Dedicated IP Address – You will get one unique IP Address with a dedicated hosting service. That means you won’t share the IP address with any other user. It will be exclusively for your website. That will save you from any fraudulent activities.

Wrap Up –

It is better if you switch to a dedicated server earlier as you are experiencing heavy traffic.

A dedicated server helps with more growth. It gives you more freedom, resources and high performance.

If you opt for a dedicated server from MilesWeb, you are at the benefit as they are affordable. Plus, an isolated environment lets you have control over server management and customization.

Zayd Dana
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