Mobile Bluetooth Technology – The advantages and disadvantages


In recent years, mobile technology has adopted the inclusion of Bluetooth as a means of wireless communication. It has been introduced to allow communication between the devices that must “speak” between short distances. There are many ways that Bluetooth can positively affect our mobile use.

The ability to quickly transfer files and data from your phone to your PC is an excellent time saving feature that ends the need for a USB key. The most important and important safety utility may be the Bluetooth mobile helmet. Not only is this an effective way to use your hands-free phone while driving, it also largely eliminates the risk of road accidents while using your phone.

However, there are two sides with each coin and less than the other of the advantages and disadvantages of this technology:

Bluetooth has now been adopted as standard by more than 2,000 manufacturers. Users can now use their Bluetooth on laptops, mobile phones, music players, mobile helmets and more. Bluetooth is not also affected by obstacles. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth is not a line of technology of the view and can touch ranges up to 100 meters.

On the side rocking, the increased frequency and the scope of the results are much more likely to hack and attack than infrared with its integrated security system. Interestingly, infrared technology can also handle data transfer rates of up to 4 MB per second as opposed to the second Bluetooth anemia per second per second.

Nevertheless, Bluetooth is an ideal component for the consumer on the move. It is possible to wirelessly synchronize your Bluetooth devices to eliminate the need to transport endless amounts of cables and plugs. This method is also effective because it uses very low power outputs, the range of Bluetooth devices up to 10 meters maximum. Using your helmet to communicate on the phone is safe and allows you to keep your finger on the pulse, regardless of transport methods.

Despite its lack of security, Bluetooth is easy to use and cheap to implement. Connectivity is immediate and technology is regularly upgraded to handle higher speeds and increased ranges.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana