New technologies for the business world


The business world is both responsible for the platform for emerging commercial technologies every day in this technological field at a fast pace.

cloud computing

One of the new technologies offered by ABUZZ companies is called “Cloud Computing”. This technology involves a numerical network serving as a home basis for many resources accessible from different media platforms. The cloud server manages applications through which data is transmitted and also store the data. As a general rule, a cloud network member will connect to the cloud system via the client server. They then access applications that are accommodated remotely, complement their tasks and store their documentation and files on the cloud server.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

There are a lot of benefits to cloud computing. The first is that users can avoid installing expensive applications and time consuming directly on their computer or on a mobile computer device. This moves away from the traditional network model that is still used today in most businesses. In this model, the host servers of the applications and storage data, but individual users of the working group in general must each get a user license and download the application software they need to use. In cloud computing, these applications do not need to be dismissed or installed as they are offered on a web browser platform.

Another advantage is that the software does not have to be updated tirelessly to new versions every few months (or weeks, as the case may be with some software!) Software applications used via the browser base are automatically put to day on the latest version, then supplied via the cloud server.

Cloud Computing and cloud servers provide another advantage. The combination of processing power and memory of all computers and devices in a cloud network can perform harsh and expensive tasks, such as “save” huge amounts of data and processes, easy.

Small businesses with little budget funds for technology equipment can really use cloud computing to meet their professional needs, because something as simple as a smart phone can exploit the power of a cloud. All storage and processing are made remotely and applications can be accessible via only a simple Internet connection.

Zayd Dana
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