New technology for cellphones


In recent years it seems that the telephone has come a long way from the original status they only make and receive phone calls. Currently mobile phones are cellphones but there are also personal assistants, tablet pcs, remote control, etc. A big leap in technology that allows this happens not only revolutionizing the telephone market but I also revolutionize how we use technology as civilization. , It’s not so long that we all use a public telephone to make our personal phone calls, and it really is only about a century ago that we can make phone calls at all. Progress in computer technology that allows us to switch from unreliable telephone calls that cannot be reliable, to be able to make it a clear phone call without cables, while simultaneously can explore the internet, lasts about one more than one longer. lifetime. This extraordinary technological progress really shows the best human achievement.

Phone because we roughly know today found in the late part of the 19th century. The principle of telephone use remains unchanged for about 100 years when cellphones start on the market, and even then the cellphone still functions as a cellphone exclusively. Until the last few years simple destination telephone services allow you to communicate verbally with other people who are not in your direct presence. While this goal is undoubtedly an important step forward in technology, what we can achieve and everything is the last few years is something like the equivalent of comparing old canvas and wooden biplan to the shuttle.

With a modern arrival called “smart phone”, we now have the ability to do the number of tasks that seem unlimited with the use of single handheld devices. Thanks to our progress and technology can now explore the internet, play video games, send and receive videos, and even turn off our home lights from other circumstances. Who can deny that this is really a magic progress in technology? All of this makes our imagination forming the future. We are only in the earliest stage of smart phones and we are all allowed to wonder what happened in the future in terms of this technological advance. One thing is certain, which seems impossible now likely will be possible, and even routine tomorrow.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana