News blogs vs the newspaper


Grapevine A for the paper boy will soon be bankrupt with the emergence of news blogs on the Internet. Conventionally, most homeowners, especially those belonging to the older generation, are used to read the daily newspaper in printing to stay up-to-date with current world news. However, this trend is a modification in which the new generation now looks on the Internet when it comes to staying up to date with the latest events around the world.

This changing trend is a threat to many of the conventional printed newspapers. So so many of them have initiated the movement to go online. Many newspaper companies experienced a fall in their sales because of this new emerging trend. However, the danger for press agencies is far from over because they are compelling by another web creation that is in the form of topical blogs.

These are essentially online websites that deliver the updated clock of the latest news around the world. These new aggregation websites do not only give you daily news as cited from other sources of information, but they also give you the opportunity to look at original information programs covering your favorite niches. Many of these blogs present separate sections, writers, videos and original programs on politics, business, sports, entertainment, biz and tech and much more. In essence, a news blog is all a newspaper could ever wish to be.

There is no denying the fact that news blogs offer the news applicant a much increased experience. At the same time, but he had a significant impact on journalism. Indeed, readers have the opportunity to comment and give comments on everything they have read, see or hear these blogs, which allows to control journalists. Unlike conventional media where it is difficult to identify a twisted agenda, the intentions of news blogs are still kept.

When examined in detail, this phenomenon appears as a very important and vital development of our century. At a time when the media is blamed for the promotion of the acquired agenda, press blogs offer impartial news and titles around the world in an impartial, powerless and informative way.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana