Simple business plan format for your reference


Having a business plan reflects how serious you are going to business. It doesn’t have to be too complicated and elaborate especially if you just started. Below is a simple business plan format that can guide you in making it yourself.

Business Plan Summary:

– Executive Summary is a page dedicated to the company’s highlights. This is a short documentation that summarizes longer reports to help readers get acquainted with the company.

Company Description:

– The company’s description shows history, how everything starts and a legal company if there is a company.

Products or services:

– This is the most important part of the business plan format because here is permitted to talk about the products or services you offer. To make it more effective, you must focus on the benefits they carry to your clients.

Market Analysis:

– Part of the format of this business plan discusses who your target market is. This also includes what their needs are, where you can find it and how you will reach them. In an online business, problems can only arise in reaching your potential clients especially if they are halfway in the world. That’s why it is necessary that your shipping and shipping requirements are clear to your customers.

Strategy and Implementation:

– This requires a lot of focus and accuracy because you are dealing with time and money. The lost time is losing income. You must be responsible for the date and budget so that you are constantly updated about progress in your business.

Web Plan Summary:

– Because you are in the online business industry, it is important to track your development, discussion, and marketing strategies. Marketing strategies include paid SEO that succeeds in generating traffic to your site and promoting more sales.

Management team:

– Because you will most likely operate your online business alone, it will also help you in the near future to hire new friends to help you manage your responsibilities. This is especially true if you become a service like a virtual call center, virtual assistance and the like.

Financial analysis:

– Finally, you need to enter financial analysis about the format of your business plan to track revenue and lose your business. It will also help you focus on what items will be sold or the product to be rendered and what doesn’t.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana