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Technology and Connections: To Associate Or Disengage


Technology is neither useful nor destructive for connections; it is the way we decide to utilize technology that decides if we damage or help our connections. We really want to inspect whether we are controlling our utilization of technology or we are permitting technology to control us.

Assuming we permit technology to consume our time and consideration, our connections will experience the ill effects of disengagement. Technology can be a device that challenges relationship in the accompanying ways:

Miscommunications happen constantly in connections, yet miscommunication is dramatically expanded by means of instant message. It is too simple to even think about misjudging or accept the tone of the message.

It is far simpler to be horrible to a friend or family member through text or email. Irate, pernicious words can be shipped off in a flash, without the chance to see the impact those words have on others.

Not being available when we are with our friends and family is a perilous utilization of technology. At the point when we concentrate entirely on our PC, telephone, TV or electronic games than we provide for individuals around us, we are truly disintegrating our connections.

Assuming we decide to control our utilization of technology it can assist us with associating with our friends and family. Technology can be a guide to fortifying connections in the accompanying ways:

Facetime, Skype, ooVoo and others can assist us with feeling close, in any event, when we might be a portion of a world away.

Electronic schedules and updates on telephones can assist us with recollecting significant occasions, dates and times. We can assist with guaranteeing that our friends and family have a recollected and minded outlook on, by setting updates early on to send cards or buy presents.

Getting and sending a sort, insightful, interesting or cherishing message, email or call over the course of the day can assist us with feeling associated when we are occupied and separated.

Technology makes it simple to show photographs of cherished one; photographs of tomfoolery and prized minutes, as screen saver or telephone foundation, can carry a grin to our face and assist us with feeling close.

However magnificent as technology may be for assisting us with interfacing; virtual closeness can never supplant genuine closeness. We really want the eye to eye connection, the contacts, embraces, grins and time together. Take a couple of seconds to assess whether your decisions around the utilization of technology are helping or hurting your relationship. Deciding to utilize technology carefully can help fabricate and fortify our connections. Permitting technology to consume and occupy us from our time together makes the contrary difference.

Zayd Dana
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