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International Business Machines aka ‘IBM’ is an international computer, technology and IT consulting company placed in Armonk North Castle, New York, United States. IBM is considered one of the most valuable technology brands in the world and so far is the largest technology company in the world. IBM was established all the way back in the 19th century and still alive today. IBM produces and sells hardware and software for computers, and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in places starting from motherboards to nanotechnology. IBM is often called “big blue” because of the logo and color. IBM is clearly one of the ancestors of technology movements and without them, I might not have internet marketing jobs at Fort Lauderdale.

Throughout history, IBM has been known as the largest computer and computer systems in the world. With more than 407,000 employees who are placed in 200 different countries that specialize in professions such as scientists, engineers, consultants, and sales professionals; IBM has his legs at the door just about all that concerns computers. IBM employees have received different awards such as five Nobel prizes, nine national technology medals and five science nosional medals.

The tabulating machine company, finally IBM, was founded in 1896 by Herman Hollerith, at Boome County, New York. The tabulation machine company finally changed its name to the Computer Tabulating Recording Corporation on June 16, 1911. Five years later George Winthrop Fairchild registered the computer sucking the corporation on the NYSE. Thomas J. Watson took over the company in 1924 when people began to call it international business design. There are first US trademarks are “Think” introducing June 6, 1935. A Am.S. Trademarks are not submitted for “IBM” until May 24, 1949.

Unlike things in the nature of internet marketing, IBM has a long history of dealing with environmental misery. They formed a company policy for environmental security in 1971. The last five years IBM hazardous waste has declined by 44 percent, and has decreased by 94.6 percent since 1987. IBM has reconsidered the specific trend they have to eliminate almost all recycling loops Closed to start using materials that are more environmentally friendly in their place. IBM is mentioned in the Environmental Protection Agency Magazine as “Top 20 of the best workplaces for commuters” in the United States.

IBM was dropped named “Blue Blue”. Many people have theory but there is no conclusive evidence. One proven theory, was in the 1960s working for IBM to create phrases due to mainframe colors. Another theory is just because of the company’s logo and how it’s just blue. Last Big Blue may refer to the company’s dress code policy and how IBM employees mainly wear white shirts and blue suit.

One of the current IBM projects is a website for software developers and IT professionals called a functioning developer. The basis behind this project is to contain many articles and tutorials, as well as software downloads, sample code, discussion forums, podcasts, blogs, wikis and other resources for it and software developers to enter and collect information.

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