What Makes Solve iQ A Popular and Widespread Software?


With identity thefts and malware taking place every time, owning a computer can be a stressful affair in the present time. There is always a fear that someone is going to hack into a device. Thanks to the excellent new application that is gaining immense popularity across the globe. This is known as SolveiQ. The software provides amazing tech solutions protecting computers from malware and optimizing the device in real-time.

Optimizing the devices

Presently, SolveiQ is the only available service on the market that offers optimization to devices in real-time based on the personal activity of users. Whether one is working on office documents, chatting with friends and family, or playing video games, this software keeps one covered in all areas. This software has been designed to give support that one needs for his/her devices.

All-in-one PC application

The popularity of SolveiQ is widespread as it has emerged as an all-in-one PC application. Apart from ensuring a smooth tech experience, one can also experience improved security, automatic device optimization. The functions of the software have been clubbed so well that it has come up as one of the most reliable and important IT support.

Budget-friendly service cost

One of the prime reasons for the increasing popularity of SolveiQ is its cost-effective service charges. It costs only $9.95 a month and one can even cancel and restart the account at any time one wishes. When new updates or services are added to one’s account, there are no extra charges levied. All such cost-effective features make the software so popular.

Excellent customer service

Yet another feature that makes SolveiQ popular and well accepted among users around the world is its user-friendly customer care support. The tech support is available seven days a week from 7 am to 8 pm CST. Whenever a chat box is available on the screen, one can seek chat support in real-time. One can also make voice calls to consult for assistance and talk to a real person and get problems solved seamlessly.

The chat box is present in the bottom right corner of the screen. One can find a little circle with a face, which is considered chat support. By simply clicking on it, a real person pops up to chat and provide solutions to any problems related to the application that one might be facing.

Beneficial cleanup function

The cleanup service of the software also seems to be offering immense help to the users. It helps devices to get rid of unnecessary files and free up space. Clearing up the clutter from the device helps it to run faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, the overall performance of the machine increases, and there are also lesser chances of any breach of data.


SolveiQ can help with any problem that one might be facing with a computer. Whether it is an issue with Zoom calls, or the device running slow, there is a solution for all. Data breach elimination is one of the most popular features that make the software widely accepted apart from other features.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana