What to Expect from High Risk Payment Gateway in USA?


Before we delve further, it is prudent to quickly understand what a high risk business is all about? Well, high risk is a term used by the acquiring banks to refer to the businesses and industries, such as e-commerce, which present higher risks of chargebacks and financial losses. There’re many factors due to which your business may be categorized as “high risk”. As already mentioned, businesses with a demonstrated history and a statistically greater chance of chargebacks in comparison to standard risk merchant accounts automatically enter this category. So, if your business also falls in this category, you will need high risk merchant services in USA – including high risk merchant account and payment gateway.

Why do you need a high risk payment gateway in USA?

If your business belongs to the “high risk” category, governance and compliance, high risk payment gateway integration is the only way to save it from collapsing in the unforeseen event of extreme financial losses.  When you have a high risk payment processor, such as Payment USA, by your side you can rest assured about such unpredictability in your business because your payment processor is then liable to take care of the issues caused by increased transactional risks. Calculation of risks associated with maintaining a high risk account is different, which means you may have to pay more to get covered. But at the end of the day, if you compare the cost incurred and the potential risks (avoided), the cost is worth it. The cost is only because of the highly complex nature of high risk merchant account’s payment processing.

High risk businesses usually generate impressive revenues but with that comes increased risk of frauds, chargebacks, money laundering, etc. That is why it is vital for high risk merchants to have an account that is specifically tailored to meet their business needs. The high risk merchant accounts and high risk payment gateway in USA will significantly reduce your chargeback rates while saving you from falling into the trap of fraudulent attacks. In short, a regular merchant payment account isn’t enough for you.

With your high risk payment processor, you can easily streamline and protect your business from potential financial risks (as already discussed above). Other benefits that come with high risk merchant services in USA include:

  •         Accept payment securely through any method
  •         Increase your sales and generate greater profits
  •         Boost confidence among your customers and vendors
  •         Give your customers the convenience to shop from your store
  •         Ability to set up recurring and scheduled payments
  •         Accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and other payment options


How to Get Merchant Account in USA?


Wondering “how to get merchant account in USA?” It’s easy as just a few mouse clicks or taps and swipes on your smart phone. Payment USA offers complete merchant services in USA including the integration of high risk merchant gateway in USA. As a leading provider of all merchant services, including high risk as well as low risk, Payment USA has been helping countless merchants across the nation streamline their business, accept safe & secure payments, and generate greater profits for years.

Among the many reasons why so many merchants count on us for all merchant services in USA, some are:

  •         Competitive rates of payment gateway integration and other merchant services
  •         Quick approvals that accelerate you TTM (Time-to-Market), so you get orders faster
  •         Huge network of banks – both national and international banks (that cater to the high risk businesses)
  •         Card processing in high volume to grow and better manage your business

 Please feel free to contact Payment USA for a quick discussion about your high risk merchant account and payment gateway integration in the USA.

Zayd Dana
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