Your physical fitness training equipment – Are you there yet?


Buff fitness slowly catches. Slowly. Have you found it? You don’t need expensive sports equipment in the form of machines, gadgets, or the latest madness to be physically fit and see that part. So what is the form of contemporary fitness gym? Strangely, not much.

For the minimalist, you really don’t need anything. But keep in mind, that this practitioner is generally very fit. They may be some of the most suitable. What happen? Because they do free form weight training. They are very suitable so they don’t need a machine, lever, cable, or pulley. They can use weights to improve exercises, but most are program weight programs. Think about “gymnast.” Gobs from pull up, Push-UPS varieties, hand press press, bar dips, ring dips, all kinds of squat movements and midline work. Okay, there may be some equipment, but very little.

Next, you have a whole of us who finally get it, but haven’t reached a minimalist fitness level. We know that if you will be physically fit, you need to enter high intensity functional exercises into your program. So what is the fitness room, gym, this facility looks? Well, they have a pull-up bar, several boxes or platforms for scale weight training (push-ups, burpes, one-legged squat, etc.), do step-up boxes, jump boxes and the like. You might see some kettle bells or stupid bells. That is all. They have what you need to combine various exercises that cover a lot of modalities all use simple functional movements. Ah, that’s the key. Functional movement. Most weight training triggers the neuromuscular path, hitting your cardiorespirability, and improving your physical fitness (work / time). You only need to know how to scale them right so you can take advantage of this useful practice. Everyone can do this exercise. But unfortunately, it’s another topic for another day!

For the ultimate challenge, you will see barbells, several platees and squat shelves so you can do functional weight lifting in conjunction with functional weight training (a very strong combination!). Of course you can beautify facilities with several accessories to add more variations. However, if you find yourself at the home facility or gym and just see some pull-up bars, platforms or boxes, and some kettle bells or stupid bells, you are in a serious place to be physically fit.

It’s just a matter of time before the more fitness centers and fitness centers both throwing machines, or at least use it for purposes intended and moving towards more advanced fitness equipment; Simple equipment that makes you physically fit. Cheap things, like platforms, pull-up bars, some kettle bells and stupid bells. And if you get to that highest fitness level, you won’t need the equipment at all, besides the pull-up bar and some of the platforms.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana