A new fantastic wireless technology explodes across the planet


Bluetooth does not describe a dental condition in which a patient has blue teeth. The term “Bluetooth” means a new special technology, a 21st century technology. Devices with Bluetooth technology allow the user of such devices to carry out two-way transmissions over short distances. Usually, the distance between the communication Bluetooth devices does not work more than 150 feet. . The individual who has access to two devices or more with Bluetooth technology has the ability to transmit such short-range communications.

A great advantage of accessing some of the devices with Bluetooth technology is an opportunity that the occasion of gains to conduct a “conversation” between mobile and fixed technological elements. The Bluetooth car kit emphasizes the more side of accessing Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth car kit defines the scene for a “conversation” between a mobile and a stationary electric gadget.

For example, the Bluetooth car kit allows a mobile phone in the garage to communicate with a computer at home. Thanks to Bluetooth, a car driver with a mobile phone could sit inside a car and send a message to a computer at home. Similarly, Bluetooth technology could allow a car to send a message to a personal computer. Such a message could inform an owner of the car that the motor vehicle sitting in the garage needed a change of oil, rotation of tires or other routine procedure.

All modern automobiles are not equipped with Bluetooth technology. So far only Acura, BMW, Toyota Prius and Lexus have chosen to provide the consumer with this special feature. For the car owner to benefit from the potential of Bluetooth technology in a motor vehicle, all devices with this technology must use the same type of profile.

For example, if a car audio system contains devices with Bluetooth technology, all communications that take place between these devices require Bluetooth equipment that uses the same profile. Such restrictions usually specify that the Bluetooth car kit will only work if the inter-peripheral communication involves equipment that works under the hands-free profile. In other words, a Bluetooth car kit should not allow a mobile phone with a headphone profile to communicate with a computer that has a remote network profile.

Of course, Bluetooth technology is not confined to the automobile. He has also been responsible for enabling young teenagers to listen to music from an iPod, while being equipped and ready to manage all cell phone calls. On other occasions, these same teenagers could choose to use Bluetooth technology to send selected images from a digital camera to a computer at home.

Bluetooth technology has demonstrated the possibility of laying the foundation for creating a mobile entertainment system. This could also facilitate the rapid assembly of an operational and mobile office space. The father of the young teenager who listened to an iPod could very well be the traveler businessman from the airport, the man who has to wait for a delayed flight. Access to Bluetooth technology would give such a man the ability to configure a temporary “desktop” in the airport terminal.

Once this same traveler businessman had reached his destination, and once he had settled in a motel room, he can use Bluetooth technology to send signals from a laptop to a server. ‘printer. Younger and older adults have shown that Bluetooth technology is definitely a 21st century technology. Who could guess Bluetooth technology had his name King Harold, “Bluetooth”, Denmark, who lived in the 10th century? King Harold sought to unite the countries of Scandinavia, as long as Bluetooth technology helps the different types of information devices to work in unison.

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