Barcode Code Scanner – Is this dying technology?


Barcode scanning technology can be ready for renewing updated new technologies. Bocode as he called is a new barcode form, this type of new coding will allow more data to be stored in bocodes than his sister. This will open up massive possibilities for technology and have great implications by means of people can shop.

Mobile systems and software that have been made to allow people to read information from their cellphones, on the eastern cellular phone they have been used as barcode scanners to pay for food from vending machines and more. Barcode Bocoda Baru has the ability to store exceptional data volume, this can give users the opportunity to go supermarkets, scans and items and immediately see nutritional information, price comparisons and related products. The possibility is quickly amazing. Bocode barcode has a range of more than 20 meters believed, this can allow someone to go to the bookstore scan the shelf and immediately see where the product they want. This will automatically become a revolution for shopping experience.

The power of Bokodes lies in their ability to read with a simple cellphone camera, the device is only 3mm thick and around the size of the @ symbol @ on the standard computer keyboard. This device consists of LEDs covered by lenses and small masks. Data is encoded in a light that shines through the mask.

Currently Bokodes costs around five dollars, which makes technology limit to the use of the food and clothing industry to the price of goods. But some other calls have been sought for new technology, the health care industry uses barcode technology and barcode scanners in each area that increases and will emerge this new technology can be useful for patient management and treatment monitoring.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana