Computer vs human translators


At doujin both computer translators and human translator is utilized. Thus, it is important to know more about both of them.

Human translators

The HT – human translators is known to be the most common translation form and it relies mostly on the intelligence of humans in converting a text or phrase from one language to the next. The efficiency and the quality of the human translation are determined by the set of skills of the individual translating. It is what makes hiring a well-experienced and quality professional to be paramount.

The human translation is known to be the translation form which is oldest and has evolved over the ages. In the world today and the language translation, it is a degree level discipline with the continued production from college of various qualified part time and full time professionals every year.

Computer translators

Also referred to as an MT – machine translator, the computer translators refers to a program or software which automatically translates the text from the natural language to the other language. An example of such a program is the Google translate. It is designed at carrying out a simple translation of word to word but extra advancements look at improving on the isolation of errors and translation of the idioms. There are certain software which allows for domain customization and because of that, improving quality via limiting substitutions which are allowed.

Advantages of human translation

Human intelligence

Because of the human intelligence, when it comes to human translators tend to translate idioms and expressions in an easy manner. The human translators are known to convey speech styles, mood, and the tone of voice that is intended.

Subject knowledge

The human translators are able to understand and specialize the subject matter of a text, translating the meaning in accordance to what is required.

Flexibility and creativity

The human have an ability of deciphering errors plus other mistakes found in the original text which allows for the structural, grammatical, and contextual mistakes correction. There are those that will rely on experience, perception, and understanding of the language.

Culture of knowledge

The cultural understanding and the social habits of the targeted audience by the human translators are what allows to adapt messages subsequently which then increases the appeal. It is important and especially when sales copies are translated. Any phrases which tend to sound unethical after direct translation can be modified easily.

Disadvantages of human translation

There are at times when it tends to take longer that expected in getting the job done. It can as well be quite expensive. Translators are known to charge differently with some having higher prices and with the translators with no experience working free of charge. The translators have limit to language translation which in most cases is only one.

Advantages of machine translation

  • It is faster as compared to the human translation and this is a main benefit to the sector which stresses on turnaround time that is fast
  • It is possible translating between various languages by use of single software
  • You can translate between a variety of languages using one software
  • It is cheaper because of the increasing free tools availability
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