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So, you have a website, and you already know that you cannot do without SEO here. The first thing to remember is that there is no universal formula for SEO success. Yes, it is quite reasonable to study the cases and tips of the guru, and then implement them in your project. But then it all depends on how the search robots will evaluate the site. This affects which page and position in the search results from your potential customers will see you on.

And here the logical question arises: what will the tracking of the site’s positions give to its owner? First of all, it will show you the optimization result: whether you need to adjust something on the site to increase it in the search results. Moreover, you will be supported with full feedback concerning the changes on the site and their effectiveness. You will be also able to see the reasons for the drop or increase in traffic. This will help you make the necessary adjustments to SEO. The tool will help you to compare your positions with your competitors to understand who and how it is easier to “catch up”. And of course, you will receive data about the site’s positions in different search engines and devices, as well as by region, pages, and keywords. If you have a local business, then it makes sense to bet on mobile delivery in a particular city — it will be freer and there are more chances to break into the TOP.

The second question that is normally asked about track keyword rankings is whether to do it manually or use special Internet platforms. Definitely – the second. Only in this case, you will be able to do something else besides tracking positions. Moreover, only specialized services guarantee 100% accurate results. On the SE Ranking service, the positions are checked automatically with the specified frequency. What is more, you will receive monthly keyword rank tracker reports to understand your marketing perspectives. There are also some other options to find.

Great tool for Google, YouTube, Yandex SEO

The next issue is about the frequency that should be used to track site rankings. It all depends on the search engines you choose to focus on. Changes in the site’s position are definitely affected by search engine updates. So, in Google, they occur daily, for Yandex SEO twice a week. In SE Ranking you can track the position of your website in different search engines (Google, Yandex, available also in mobile results, maps, and YouTube). Also — the more often you check the positions of your resource, the faster you will react to their changes. Reports that automatically generate SEO services based on the parameters you set will help you here.

It is also essential to understand the geographical aspect of your website promotion. The ability to specify not only the necessary search engine for tracking positions but also to narrow the search down to the city and district will help you find out the exact data about your site. Local search is very important when it comes to mobile device users. According to Google, 50% of consumers who performed a local search on their smartphone visited the store within the next 24 hours. Tracking requests from Maps and Mobile and adjusting the output can bring your site such a coveted crown of superiority and half the kingdom of loyal customers to boot.

BrandMeWeb ranking keywords rankings platform

All these key points are taken into account on the rank tracking platform. It provides all the critical rank behavior information in any country your company is adjusted to. Moreover, you have an opportunity to choose from three tariff plans that involve all the marketing operations that are crucial for your business. Follow the link and reach the TOP of Google!

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