Page Experience Update of Google Roll out In Mid-June


Google has announced,” the page experience update will roll out in the middle of June”. But, earlier it was decided to launch in May. The search giant states that Google has taken this decision to give some to Web publishers and site owners for implementing the alteration that is necessary for the Google Page Experience Update in June 2021. This upgrade endeavors to offer a better search experience. The display of the AMP badge will also stop. The symbol is available to identify search results with AMP content.

Moreover, the users and website owners will start to experience the effect of such an update in mid-June 2021. Google also claimed in its blog,” The full impact of this page experience update will be seen till August.

“We will start to use our page experience from the middle of June 2021 as part of our ranking methods. But page experience will not play its full part until the end of August as part of these schemes,” claimed Google in a blog post.

Initially, it was revealed in November 2020, the page experience update is designed to consider page experiences when looking up pages on its search engine. They also stated that no “drastic change” for sites will be seen from the upgrade.

Furthermore, Google postponed the update launching date to monitor any unexpected or unintended issues in the update.  They also stated in their blog that they are hoping this altered schedule will help punishers and website owners in continuing making changes in their website by keeping the thought of page experience.

In addition, Google has given the detail of different factors being a part of this update. Core Web Vitals is one of its many factors. It includes:

  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • The Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Google will not take AMP format as a variable to present the search engine results on its Top Story carousel widget. If they match the Google News rules, Google will index sites for their services. The AMP logo indicator will also begin to disappear when the page experience changes come into effect in mid-June 2021.

Google also launched a separate page experience report in the search console. This new report includes the current Core Web Vitals report and also elements such as mobile usability, invasive interstitial absence, HTTPS security, and secure browsing status. It shows metrics with the number of URLs that had a favorable experience with the website and search time

Zayd Dana
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