Personalized product significance using web technology to print


Online retailers clothes, bags, posters, gifts etc. finally understand the importance of letting their customers design their own products. Because they have realized that product personalization can increase customer involvement, they try to facilitate mass adjustment using web-print technology. Retail giants like Amazon have achieved a lot of success due to personalized shopping experience, it offers its customers.

Let’s learn the importance of personalization using online product design software in detail.

Driving customer involvement

A survey conducted at 1000 buyers by Bain & Company prove that even if only 10% of customers have chosen to adjust their products, almost 25 to 35% are interested in following the same path. It is difficult to identify potential product adjustments using web-to-print. But if 25% of the sales footwear is adjusted, it will contribute to a market share of $ 2 billion every year.

Regardless of the numbers above, it is observed that customers who have adjusted their products using print design tools show more involvement with the company. Their online behavior includes frequent websites, staying on the page for a longer time and show loyalty to the brand they choose.

Build advantages over competitors

In this day today, because the internet has made it easier for customers to make quality prices and comparisons; Activating personalized products using web-print technology helps retailers to build excellence over their competitors. It shouldn’t be surprising if after several years; Products with standard features are sold less than those adjusted.

Make an increase

Because of the influence of social media and online brand presence, styles and product trends continue to change. Stay updated with trends in personalization help companies to perfect their software and make changes with their products every time there is a scope of it. Also, because online retailers get real time insights on customer shopping preferences, they can produce their various choices in the future.

Miracle creates co-co-

It’s always fun to invite friends and family online and create co-creates that have sentimental values. High-quality web-print software can offer options for sharing product design on social media and collaborating with other people during the design process. For eg. The company named North Face displays a design gallery made by its customers for their products named “Denali Jacket”. This marketing technique, inspires other customers to create and share their own designs.

When some retailers and brands provide ‘design-it-yourself’ choices using product personalization extensions, it helps them to increase their income and connect with their customers at a better level. To achieve success through web technology to print, retailers need to know their goals and understand the types / number of customizations that they can offer to their customers.

Zayd Dana
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