The importance of internal communication you can’t deny


Internal communication or IC is a vital element of internal marketing. From the perspective of internal marketing, every employee must be considered as well as treated in the form of internal customers and their requirements must be contented with huge diligence and attention. You can handle various problems with internal communication. It can lessen absenteeism, shrink grievances, and also cut the turnover of employees. So, it ends up improving the organization’s profitability and productivity. For getting internal communication, you can employ various initiatives. However, you need to pursue them with an equal quality standard similar to external communication.

Get familiar with the internal communication app

An internal communication app, also recognized as an intranet app is considered a platform where employees can share, talk, and also communicate with one another beyond some customary channels, such as phone calls and emails. Before the advancement of internal communications apps, communications happened to take place over the phone or through email. As email was not designed for being the cornerstone of IC, it began to demonstrate its confinements.

An average inbox tends to be overloaded and reading these emails takes up nearly thirteen hours every week. Still, nearly 62 percent of them remain entirely irrelevant. In this situation, you make payment to the employees for those hours. Today, 80 percent of the workforce is known as mobile or deskless employees who work while they are on-the-go. And it means they might not get access to a work email. And this leaves people with no option but to hire a mobile-friendly solution that can keep every member of a team right on the same page.

What is mean to design a fruitful internal communication system?

When you wish to design a fruitful system of internal communication, you need to depend on different factors. The highly important among them is an organization’s size. When it is a smaller setup, then the company’s head becomes capable of drafting a strategy of internal communication himself/herself because he or she will carry out the majority of the operations under his/her direct control. But when it is a large organization then other personnel, such as managers, HR department, and senior executives will play vital roles. Another huge consideration that you need to make is the level and flow at which IC should happen, like should it be horizontal, upward, or downward?

The easiness of using the internal communications app

Before you use an internal communication app, you need to find out whether or not you can use the app easily. As internal communication happens to be a vital portion of a business, you need to prioritize user experience and ease of use while making comparisons between various communications apps. You must not permit your employees to turn more aggravated when you propose them new solutions. You need to be mindful that employees would be using the app that you have chosen on an hourly or daily basis. Hence, when you invest in a confusing and unfriendly app, then you will invite real risk.

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