The role of passion in your business


Everywhere we turn, we are told “Doing what you like and money will follow” or “follow your desire.” But reality, tell us that being excited about our mission or just doing what we love is not enough.

If yes, more than 80% of all business efforts will succeed than fail. However, small business owners usually enter business because they like what they do and they want to make a difference. However, according to Small Business Administration A.S., more than 63% of business owners are equally, do – what is not beloved from business within 5 years.


Here are some of the reasons:

Business owners know how to do “objects” that he does and can even do very well, but do not understand the marketing or understand it has not been consistent about it and so it does not get the trust of those who contemplate doing business with him.

Business owners are very focused on getting new clients for “things” that he did so he ignored customers and clients at this time, giving them less experiences than stars.

The business owner is tempted by programs and products that focus on everything except the most he needs – a consistent flow of customers and repetitive clients – so it takes time, energy, and money.
So what should be done by our business owners? He worked on his buttocks, but did not see the results so desperately. He used to have a desire and now he wondered if he lost it and had to take the program to knock back into it (instructions: he shouldn’t).

What should he do is take an objective view on what he has done:

to bring new clients and customers
to keep existing clients and customers happy
to remain relevant and above what the community wants and needed from it
Note that I emphasize the word “objective” above. So often we think we do more than we really, especially when our business is our desire.

“Objectively” review something means seeing what is real, which can be proven. As an example:

How many new customers join your list
How much communication you send (both audio, video or writing)
How many activities “reach” you do
How many offers you make
You get the idea. These are things that can be traced … There is no guessing or assuming. Think of it as an audit of your business practices.

Does this mean you forget about passion and fulfillment? Absolutely not!

Passion is what makes you motivated, what makes you inspire and what makes you go when if not you will stop. Passion is important for your business, but one of the equations:

Passion + consistent action + Ability to adjust = results

My request to you

If you are like most business owners that you have spent at least part of the planning of the last 30 days for the new year. But have you done a “business practice audit” of the type described above?

Have you asked yourself difficult questions and seeking support difficult to support your answer?

And before there is something suitable, let me assure you that I believe the passion is important in whatever we do. However, passion, no matter how excited, without business and marketing practices to support it, will, unfortunately, make your business another statistic that fails. It can be avoided. Choice is there.

Zayd Dana
the authorZayd Dana