Get Instagram Followers with nitreo’s basic plan


Nitreo’s is a website that provides the most cost-effective service for increasing the number of social media followers. If you are planning to be an influencer, nitreo can be your best friend and help you to grow exponentially. Read the article to know more about what nitreo is and how to get Instagram followers.

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans are the amount of money you will have to pay if you would like to have the get Instagram followers service of nitreo. The plans are pocket-friendly and so even new upcoming influencers can afford it. If you plan to make it big in the influencer industry, you must have nitreo service.

Nitreo takes care of your account and makes it curated so that you grow at a much higher rate in less amount time. To know about the plans of nitreo, continue to the next section which is on the different available plans.

Essential Plan

The basic Plan is for those who are just starting in the field of influencing and want to start experiencing nitreo. If you are an existing user of nitreo, we recommend you opt for the speed plan. The basic plan can also be considered a trial version of nitreo.

In the basic plan of nitreo, you as a user are allowed to use the basic services of the website. If you want to have access to all the services of nitreo, then you must opt for a speed plan. The essential plan cost is $49 per month. This is even less than a cup of coffee. If you are a beginner, opt for this plan.

Speed plan

If you have been using Instagram for some time and also availing of the services of nitreo, then it is better to use a speed plan. The cost of the speed plan is $79 per month. With this plan, you can avail yourself of services like real results, fastest organic growth, all targeting features, priority support, and max speed.

In this plan, you will also get special customer care as this get Instagram followers plan is opted by professionals. If you are already collaborated with a few brands and want nitreo to handle your profile, then this plan is the best. In this plan, not much work on posts is required. The main attention is given to feature in the explore tab so that the followers can grow organically.

You can compare both the plans and then select the one that is best suited for you and your goals. If you are fairly new to the Instagram world and are not aware of how things are to be handled, you can opt for the essential plan that will also curate your posts and reach out to brands on behalf of. They also have collaborations with other brands and will help you to get recommended.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about the different types of get Instagram followers plans to avail the nitreo services.

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